Productivity Time
"It's Your Time - You Should Control It"

Three Painful Truths...


If you're like most people in today's frantic, breakneck pace society, there are three things that are true about you:


         1. You're working a whole lot harder than you’d like.

         2. You're making a whole lot less money than you want.


         3. You're missing out on a whole lot of wonderful things in life

              because of either #1 or #2 or both.




What makes the starkness of these truths even more painful is that, even though you know something is wrong, even though you've tried to fix it, you've been unsuccessful. Repeatedly. Worse yet—the gap between effort and reward only seems to be widening with the instability in today's market! You're expected to do more now than you ever were before, for the same if not less pay!


This is especially true of business owners!  Have you checked your earnings per hour lately?


How can you ever hope to get out of debt, build a successful business or career and still have time for your family, hobbies and loved ones, when you’re already constantly behind and chronically disorganized?


The truth is, you NEVER can, and you NEVER will—until you learn how to fundamentally re-condition the way you operate on a day to day basis…


But You Can Change it in Two Days


What if you could fix that all in just two days?


What if you could get an extra workweek of productivity every single month, plus reduce stress and increase your marketplace value, Would you invest just two days to make it happen?


If you’re not willing to make two days of investment for a lifetime of lasting efficiency, productivity and organization, then, frankly, I can’t help you.


But if you’re willing to put your trust in me and commit just two days to attend my Two Day Productivity Time Boot Camp, you will experience the radical personal change that you desire.




You don’t need self-discipline. You need the

conditioning that my Boot Camp can provide.


Book Learning Won’t Make You A Pro…


Investing time and money in subscribing to golf magazines, reading golfing books, and watching instructional videos will not make you a pro golfer.


Reading every time management book in print will not help you get control of your time.


You Don’t Change Habits Through Learning…


What truly matters is conditioning. It’s your lack of conditioning that’s keeping you from making the money you feel you deserve and causing you to work longer hours than are truly necessary.


Productivity Time Boot Camps are About ACTION.


As a professional, you need professional conditioning. You need a productivity coach to guide your practice, implementation, and repetition. It is in the practice, implementation, and repetition that you recondition yourself.


During the Two-Day Productivity Time Boot Camp, I will walk you through the ACTION you need to take and begin the process of getting you into condition—PROFESSIONALLY.


Our Two Day Productivity Time Boot Camp coaches you step-by-step through the process of reconditioning the way you operate in your day. It is a learning-by-doing approach that helps you develop an entirely new set of habits through the same teaching and training methods that make a successful professional athlete or a professional musician—practice, implementation, and repetition.


Contact me today to schedule the Two Days that will get you on the path to take your time back.



Still Need Convincing?


Consider these 3 Truths:

  1. The Truth of Time - There are 60 minutes in every hour, 24 hours in every day, 7 days in every week, 168 hours in every week.....for everybody. There is nothing you can do to change that!
  2. Time Behaves Like Money - If you have more than you need, you are happy.  If you have less than you need, you are miserable.
  3. The interest Rate on Borrowed Time Can Be Unbearable - If you doubt this, ask the divorce lawyer.  Those who borrow time from their families to spend on their work pay dearly.  Like money, the worse you need time, the more it costs to borrow it.

Doesn't It Make Sense to Get Control of Your Time?


Remember!  It is your time.  Many people become wealthy, write scores of books and enjoy life in the same amount of time you spend on....you fill in the blank.


My Passion is Helping People Reclaim Their Time (and their life).

Nothing is more  satisfying than spending some of my time coaching people to stop long enough to take a hard look at where they are going and compare that to where they really want to go.  If these two objectives don't match, I get in the boat with you until you can see the real destination.

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